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A place and podcast that thrives on songs in need to be re-experienced and put on heavy rotation – Giving justice to musical gems, playing great songs tells great stories.

Our Focus:

We focus on songs that gives a meaning to listen, enjoy and experience. Yeah, we may from time to time spin the hits of now or yesteryear, but there are tons of sounds you’ve never heard of and wish you did. Well, we’re here to help on that part. Enjoy the sounds, remember the good times and feel alive on Overlooked Tracks.

Our Purpose

Simply Put, We want to be a contributor of change and how artists are supported. Artists make the art we listen, see and admire everyday. Don't you think it's time for artists to get their fair share?

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Coming Soon: A Media Platform build for Music Artists, Film Makers and Book Authors to display their pieces of work for the world to experience, and without many restrictions.

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A Podcast Playing Songs for Heavy Rotation!! Giving Justice to Musical Gems! Simply, Music You've Overlooked!!

“This episode was AMAZING! The vibes were perfect while I was driving home. Great group of artists and your commentary was right in the pocket! Thank you for introducing us to marvelous artistry in each episode. I’m looking forward to hearing the next episode.”

  • Amped Sounds from Episode #24

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– @Smileradio3, @BarbWiresRadio, @KDUBRadio1, @museboatlive, @IndieYfm, @85_5Radio, @overlookedtrax, @RDTVF, @catorwebradio, @kybnradio, @ROSALYNBARCLAY1.  Thank you guys for the support.

“I can’t recommend this amazing podcast enough, featuring incredible sounds from around the globe, masterfully hosted by @overlookedtrax thanks for my inclusion in this episode Kenny!”

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